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Our personalized services will make your stay in Bangalore more comfortable and enjoyable.
What’s more, you can avail of all these facilities and services at a very economical price.

- Each residential suite is designed to emulate the at-home experience. You’ll never feel as if you’re merely passing through. Our suites are warm and inviting; worlds away from the sterility of the typical hotel room.

- Each suite is equipped to satisfy your work requirements, and is provided with high-speed broadband connectivity. This makes it the ideal answer to both the short stay (<1 week) and long stay (>1 year) requirements of senior management executives.

- Each suite allow each guest to enjoy personalized service. Our eager and helpful staff is always on call to attend to any of your needs.

- Each suites are ideally suited for top/senior management/junior management in corporates & SMEs,. The perfect weekend getaway for hard-working executives & their families.

- Our tariffs are 70% cheaper than the average 5-star hotel. Our apartment is also perfectly suited to accommodate two or three people who are making a trip together, as they can each enjoy the privacy of an individual room while sharing the overall cost.